Linda Valdez

Linda Valdez

Linda Valdez and her husband Sixto live in a 1950s adobe-brick home in southern Arizona and happily share their yard with hawks, foxes, javelina, and other desert creatures. Linda enjoys not cooking and doing photo artwork that often makes people ask: “What’s it mean?” The answer depends on your perspective. That’s true of immigration, too. 

Linda learned the policy side of immigration as a journalist. She learned the human side in 1988 after she fell in love with Sixto, whose efforts to get a visa were denied.

Linda and Sixto have a grown daughter who is bicultural, bilingual and represents the triumph of love over bureaucratic and other barriers. Linda’s memoir “Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders,” is her second book. Her first, “A Doctor’s Legacy: A Memoir of Merlin K. DuVal” is about the founding dean of Arizona’s first medical school.

An Arizona desert rat since 1964, Linda has won numerous awards for her commentary in the largest papers in the state’s two largest metropolitan areas. Her opinion pieces for The Arizona Republic, made her a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in 2003. Her commentary opposing a draconian Arizona immigration law won the Scripps Howard Walker Stone Award for editorial writing in 2011. She was named to the Arizona Republic’s editorial board in 1993, and writes editorials that reflect the institutional voice of the Arizona Republic. She also writes her own views in columns and blogs at

You can read Linda's column about Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders on or her complete column here

                                     Sixto and Linda Valdez, Wedding Day, 1988

                                     Sixto and Linda Valdez, Wedding Day, 1988

You can also see Linda's artwork below. 

In the Beginning by Linda Valdez

Billy and Pal  by Linda Valdez

Billy and Pal by Linda Valdez

Come Fly with Me  by Linda Valdez

Come Fly with Me by Linda Valdez