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Valdez: Could Cesar Chavez's hunger strike happen today?

Linda ValdezKristin Marquet

Linda Valdez: Civil-rights activist Cesar Chavez ended a hunger strike in Phoenix 45 years ago with words we should repeat today.

The mimeograph-blue words on yellowing paper are as fresh as a pre-dawn breeze.

“It is possible to become discouraged about the injustice in we see everywhere. But God did not promise us that the world would be humane and just. He gives us the gift of life and allows us to choose the way we will use our limited time on this earth.

Valdez: Cartels will love Trump's border plan

Linda ValdezKristin Marquet

As Donald Trump dives into the deep waters of authoritarianism, think what it means for you.

His approach to immigration is an example of ignoring the common good to satisfy a personal agenda — but it’s an example that many people are willing to overlook because they don’t feel personally threatened.

Or because they don’t particularly like immigrants.

Think again. It matters to everybody.

Valdez: My illegal immigration love story

Linda ValdezKristin Marquet

I wrote a love story about illegal immigration.

Let me explain why I think that could help break through the wall of ugly rhetoric.

What we’re doing now doesn’t work.

This country’s current approach uses escalating levels of law enforcement against a problem that is not a criminal problem. It’s a human issue.

And the rhetoric just keeps getting uglier.