Linda Valdez

       Available on  and  Texas Christian University  for $22.95.

       Available on and Texas Christian University for $22.95.

Pancho Villa’s ghost. A mistranslated wedding ceremony. A mighty barrier that tried to keep two lovers apart. 

You may think you know all about America's southern border and Mexican immigration. This book will show you something new. Inspiring. Optimistic. Heartfelt. Funny.

Take a walk down a dusty road in a rural Mexican town where the houses have dirt floors, but the doors and hearts are wide open. 

Stand before an unpredictable U.S. bureaucracy that will decide if this marriage is worth honoring.

Feel the power of a river that destroyed towns and awakened a baby in the womb. 

Get to know two matriarchs — one American, one Mexican — who raised children in different worlds and blessed those children as they overcame language and cultural barriers as high as the fence some people want to build along the U.S.-Mexico border.

This is an immigration love story full of passion and drama. It’s a true story that reads like a novel. It’s about people coming together to form a rock-solid amalgam that’s stronger because of the mix.

It’s an all-American story that brings grace to America’s tempestuous relationship with our southern border. 

Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders Video

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“ A moving, joyful, unexpected story of marriage, challenges, and perseverance. It reads like fiction, but it is a memoir that weaves together racism, bureaucratic indifference, and a border dividing a love that would not yield. A highly educated midwestern young woman falls for a Mexican from a poor rural outpost in Mexico. He is undocumented: she is a reporter courting disaster. This should be the stuff of failure, yet it is the wonderful tale of cultures colliding and merging into a uniquely American love story.”

Alfredo Gutierrez, Former majority leader in the Arizona State Senate, author of “To Sin Against Hope: How America has failed its immigrants”

“An excellent family story and history, a real-life experience that shows how immigration affects human beings on both sides of our border with Mexico. Linda Valdez memorably depicts the difficulties she, her husband Sixto, and her family experienced under the present US immigration policies. Crossing the Line underscores the urgent necessity for real changes to our immigration laws, and is a vivid reminder about the important role immigrants play in our country.”

The Honorable Dennis DeConcini United States Senate, retired

“Remarkable . . . This book should be required reading for Donald Trump or anyone who is tempted to stigmatize the people of Mexico or the situation on our southern border in categorical, simplistic, and by Ms. Valdez’s account, totally untrue ways.”

Terry Goddard, Former mayor of Phoenix and former Attorney General of the State of Arizona

“A fascinating and compelling memoir that describes a cross-cultural and vibrant family that overcame incredible odds to fashion a rewarding life along the Arizona-Sonora borderland. Faith, understanding, and community form the heart of this love story.”

The Honorable Fife Symington III Former governor of Arizona

“Linda Valdez can talk religion, a little philosophy, and a lot of politics. In Crossing the Line she bares her fully formed soul in the context of her bicultural life. Welcome her and this gem into your life as she welcomed the many loves of her life. This is the kind of hospitality that can save our country. (Leonard) Cohen taught us that ‘there’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’ Valdez points us to the crack and the light . . . and the joy.”

Rev. Robin Hoover Founder, Humane Borders